SPOTLIGHT is the Intermediate Treble Choir consisting of 7th and 8th graders. Performers must audition, and previous choir experienced is preferred. To be selected for this group, girls must demonstrate vocal ability, dance skills and excellent behavior as they represent LBMS in community performances. The expected outcome of this choir is to improve and refine skills in preparation for admission to a high school choirs. 

SPOTLIGHT participates in three performances throughout the school year; the FALL CONCERT, the Spring 'POP SHOW' and the end of the year 'AWARDS CONCERT'. They also travel throughout Southern California to compete in various show choir competitions. Competition season is typically during March and April. At the end of the year, performers are eligible to audition to be in Starlight or High School choir.


Kimberlee Alonzo, Elina Arhipova, Emma Barmore, Zoe Bautista, Hope Boccanfuso, Louise Bush, Kaleah Bustamante, Raina Byrd, Alejandra Cabrera, Lucy Carpenter, Ashlyn Castle, Abigail Concidine, Emma Corral, Isabella Dantes, Jael Diaz, Natalie Diaz, Sofia Dounn, Frida Duran, Ava Faust, Ona Flores-Burson, Gaby Gomez, Delia Guest, Lehana Heath, Patience Hofer, Itzana Huidor Ortega, Liilu Johnson Melendez, Paulina Kalcoff, Kai Kata, Ainsley Kelleher, Ella King, Fiona Knappmiller, Kaleigh Knight, Rubi LeClear, Megan Lino, Aubrey Lozano, Sofia D. Martinez, Kaylee Mason, Avery Matsumoto, Madeline McFarland, Jaelah Medina, Eliza Merlo, Cassandra Miranda, Zoe Moniz, Makayla Mullins, Emilia Patterson, Sabrina Raleigh, Renata Raya Barreto, Daniella Reyes, Sarah Samaniego, Sydney Shugar, Leila Silprasit, Chloe Torres, Madelyn Uzel, Vivian Van Deusen, Jaliyah West, Presley West, Samantha Yosh, Celeste Zepeda Salazar