ILLUMINATIONS is the Novice Mixed Choir. It consists of 6th-grade girls and boys. Performers do not have to audition to be in Illuminations and previous choir experience is not required. To be selected for the novice group performers must show interest in singing, as well as, demonstrate vocal ability, dance skills, and excellent behavior as they represent LBMS in community performances. The expected outcome of this choir is to improve and refine skills in preparation for admission to an advanced LBMS choir.


Valentina Atallah, Emma Barmore, Zoe Bautista, Hope Boccanfuso, Jackson Burroughs, Lucy Carpenter, Abigail Concidine, Kaia Davis, Coraline Del Rio, Natalie Diaz, Frida Duran, Ava Faust, Zachary Felts, Delia Guest, Chloe Hancock, Luna Hancock, Paulina Kalcoff, Kai Kata, Fiona Knappmiller, Milan Manalo, Sofia Martinez, Kaylee Mason, Avery Matsumoto, Jaelah Medina, Isaac Menchaca, Zoe Moniz, Makayla Mullins, Aubrey Myers, Sarah Samaniego, Deluca Sanchez, Leila Silprasit, Chloe Torres, Maddie Uzel, Jaliyah West, Presley West, Jack Worsham, Samantha Yosh, Celeste Zepeda Salazar, Daphne Zoumas