STARLIGHT is the Advanced Mixed Choir. It consist of 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. Performers must audition to be in Starlight and previous choir experienced is required. To be selected for this advanced group boys and girls must demonstrate vocal ability, dance skills and excellent behavior as they represent LBMS in community performances. The expected outcome of this choir is to improve and refine skills in preparation for admission to a high school choirs.

STARLIGHT participates in three performances throughout the school year; the Fall 'BEATLES' themed ​concert, the Spring 'POP SHOW' and the end of the year 'AWARDS' cabaret. The advanced choir also travels throughout Southern California to compete in various show choir competitions. Competition season is typically during March and April. At the end of sixth or seventh grade, performers are eligible to audition for this advanced girls choir.

Ava Aguilar, Desi Alvarado, Cierra Arroyo , Bruno Ayvar-Trujillo,

Bethany Bacaro, Max Brinkerhoff, Winston Bromhead, Justin Cano,

Ashley Carmona, Lauren Chaparro, Abby Chatalyan, Alana Coquia,

Adrian Cuchillas, Lana Dadekian, Jaden Dilig, Valerie Duran,

Jhanessa Equila, Samantha Figueroa, Sienna Foschetti-Clark,

Diana Garcia, Rafael Garcia, Jack Guest, Caitlyn Hammeke,

Matthew Huertas, Nick Joven, D'Meris Kelly, Arthur Khdryan,

Noel Mason, Lily McTeer, Brady Meade, Frida Mejia, Jacob Mejia,

Meleyna Merino, Sarah Metry, Brooklyn Molden, Jarel Monfero,

Rafi Nalbantian, Lauren Navarro, Tyrese Navel, Lauren Olsen,

Luciano Penailillo-Vergara, Athena Pichardo, Isabella Ramirez,

Dante Rincon, Ethan Rivas, Micah Silberling, Devin Swenlin,

Anna Stefani, Jack Szaras, Paul Vu, Narrissa Wareebor, Riley Young